Home Opinions Why this Work environment difference between India and US offices?

Why this Work environment difference between India and US offices?

The Multi National Company that showed work environment difference between US and India offices will shock you!

Why this Work environment difference between India and US offices
Work station at US office.
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Work environment difference between India and US offices

In this post, I want to express my views on how a Multi National Company (US based) maintains different work culture in two countries (in India and USA offices). Recently I was transferred to onsite location, USA, where I got an opportunity to study the work culture, employees and managers behavior. I was quite surprised the way the employees work in the US and at the same time shocked to see how we work from India for the same company.

Work environment at the USA office

In the USA, employees have a dedicated workstation. It almost looks like a small room to place books, photos, files. Employees are also provided with a big drawer to store valuable, personal and private belongings. The company also provided desktop monitors for employees along with a laptop, so that they can connect the laptop to the monitor. This arrangement will help employees to view the screen with big font and to reduce stress on eyes.

Every employee is provided with a desk phone with remote headset so that employees can walk or move freely during meetings

In the USA, at the workplace the company provides required stationery to every employee for free of cost. Employees no need to raise a request to get stationery like pens, markers, notebooks etc. Employees can directly go to the stationary area and can pick what they need.

Every employee can freely decorate their workstations. As employees spend most of the time at the office, the company encourages their employees to create their environment that they maintain at their home. (Ideally we spend 9 hours at the office, 8 hours of sleeping and remaining for family and personal care. However, the office hours may vary if we need to work on any priority incidents or any releases, etc.) Keeping this in mind, I see most of the employees purchases and maintains necessary things that they need at the office as well. I observed few of the employees maintains portable treadmills and fitness equipment at office

I see most of the employees opt for telecommuter i.e. permanent work from home and company will provide all the necessary stuff required to work at home (e.g., laptop, monitor, and any other stationery). The company even supplies this stationary directly to employee home if needed.

24 X 7 cafeteria services provided with coffee and tea along with bread, chocolates, biscuits and refreshing drinks.

Now let’s see how the same company provides infrastructure at offshore (India Location)

Forgot about decorating workstations, we usually have shared work desk (shared between day and night shift resources). In few departments, the distance between employee workstations is very less. The employee can easily operate the computer of his colleagues besides him without moving from his seat. In onshore the same workspace used by six employees is allocated to 12 employees in offshore. Imagine how congested our workspace is.

We (employees) are provided with shared headsets, meaning every two employees will have one headset. If both of the employees need to attend call once, then one have to sacrifice the headset for other and later has to attend call directly from the phone.

As the distance between each workstation is very less, there is an enormous confusion and disturbance when several employees speak at once in calls

Employees don’t have work from home facility. The employee needs to get special privileges to get work from home facility. Even though the employee has work from home facility, he/she need to get approval from the manager to do work from home on a particular day.

Even for a small pen or notebook, we have to make an entry or request to the facilities team through online intranet portal.

Forgot about bread and biscuits, at my Indian office, coffee machines don’t work after 8 pm.

It’s the same company, same CEO, same senior management but the facilities provided to their employees varied from country to country. But, why is this difference? I feel, the same difference would be with many other Multi-National Companies as well.

Image: Copyright owned by Gobyme.com