Understand the basics of medical and health issues
Understand basics of medicine. doctor patient cartoon by gobyme.
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Why should we understand the basics of medical and health issues?

It is very much necessary for everyone to prepare before consulting a physician. We should identify the list of symptoms we are facing.

I see few patients who can’t even highlight the symptoms they have while consulting doctors. They just go to the doctor and say the main problem. Because of this, few doctors may ask the patient to undergo various medical examinations to identify the issues. I also observed most of these patients don’t even ask the doctor why they need to undergo these medical examinations.

Once I came to know about a lady patient who consulted a gynecologist. The patient didn’t express her symptoms correctly. Instead, she said she missed her periods after marriage. Such a vague symptom, the gynecologist suggested her to take Urine Test and Scanning. After observing her reports, the doctor confirmed that she was NOT pregnant. With a bit of surprise, the patient asked, “are these pregnancy tests? We were far from few days, and I know I am not pregnant.” The Later doctor identified that she was suffering from irregular periods due to hormone change.

There was another example when one of the lady patients consulted a dermatologist for pimples problem. Doctor asked her to undergo TSH test. Without asking any question, she did it. Later she understood that the test is used to measure the amount of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) in your blood. But what is the relationship between TSH and Pimples. We need to understand the importance of medical examinations before undergoing them.

Few patients blindly follow the prescription suggested by the physician. It is good if the practitioner identifies the legitimate health issue. But assume what if the patient fails to explain the correct symptoms and the doctor does the wrong diagnosis. These incidents happen many a times.

I see few patients who don’t complete the course of medicines prescribed by the physician. Instead, they stop using medications after recovery. We need to understand the side effects of stopping medications as well.

I see few pharmacists suggest different brands and combinations to patients if the medicines prescribed by the physician is not available in hospital pharmacy. Few patients may not accept pharmacist suggestion, but few patients accept it blindly. We should understand the dangers of taking different medicines other than prescribed by the doctor.

Finally, we need to have a basic knowledge of various health issues irrespective of our profession.

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