Why does management stress hard workers rather than lazy workers
Why does management stress hard workers rather than lazy workers.
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Why management put more pressure on hard workers rather than lazy workers? Why hard workers are more stressed than lazy workers. Here are few reasons.

Reasons why management stress hard workers?

High commitment towards work is directly proportional to high pressure by management

The employees who are more committed towards the work will gain more trust from managers than the employees with less commitment. It’s obvious, the faithful employees will get promotions. The increase in role leads to increase in responsibilities. Sometimes work is also increased along with responsibilities. So, the more you work, the more responsibilities and still more work.

More work for hard workers. Less work for lazy workers.

In most cases management requests for ad-hoc projects that need to be completed within very less time than expected time. The less committed employees are usually lazy. They may not deliver on time. Management prefers a trusted employee who works day and night to deliver the new project on time. So, the hard workers will get more work, when compared with lazy workers.

Prestigious projects to hard working employees. Less valued projects to lazy employees

As the project is prestigious and high budget, management picks few hardworking employees who can make it a success. As committed employees have dedication towards the company, they work overtime or on weekends to deliver the project on time. Right from initiation to the delivery of the project, management does a lot of followups and meetings putting additional pressure on the employee. Meanwhile, management allocates less valued projects to lazy workers. These type of projects are for an internal purpose and no significant commitments to customers.

High committed employees to handle multiple projects at once. Lazy workers to work on single project

Sometimes management requests hard workers to support various projects.  The trust on hardworking employees by managers will add more pressure to an employee. On the hard other, managers will never dare to assign multiple projects to lazy workers.

High targets to hard workers, low targets to lazy workers

This quote also bests suits for  sales guys. Targets will increase quarter by quarter once you achieve them. But targets remains same entire year for the sales guy who fails to reach at least once in a year.

No reason to reject a work vs. many reasons to reject work

Lazy workers have many excuses to reject the work. While as hard workers feel difficulty in finding a reason to reject work. Most of the lazy workers provides high estimates to complete a small task. Because of this managers may not show interest to allocate urgent work to them. On the other hand, dedicated workers provided reasonable estimates to complete the work.

Finally, the dedicated workers are making themselves stressed.

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