What to expect from facebook and what not to. Cartoon by Gobyme
What to expect from facebook and what not to. Cartoon by Gobyme
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You can expect likes, shares, and comments on the stories and photos you post of Facebook, but don’t expect people to react on your post even though they like, share or comment.

So, what to expect & what not to expect from Facebook?

It is a true story of one of my friend’s colleague’s wife who requested the public to donate money for her husband’s surgery. She mentioned her husband’s bank account details in the post. She assumed “Facebook will help her.”

Her story (post) went viral. The story reached many people all around the world. The post received thousands of likes, shares, and comments within few days. She was not aware that the story was getting an enormous response from viewers.  Surprisingly few of the famous movie actors shared the post on their wall, expecting spreading the story will help her. It is the magic of Facebook.

As she was busy in taking care of her husband and children, she didn’t even log into Facebook for three weeks. Meanwhile, she was even trying other sources for money.

After three weeks, one of her friends observed about the post and informed her about the response she got from the post. She immediately logged in to Facebook and surprised to see the response she got from the public. She thought “Facebook worked for me.” With a lot of excitement, she checked her husband’s bank balance. But she was shocked after seeing account balance. She didn’t get even one rupee donation from public. With a bit tension, she thought, “whether I mentioned wrong bank account details.” She rechecked and confirmed, “No, the account details are correct.”

It costs nothing to like or share a post. So people did it, expecting someone will help her. The reality, no one helped her, they just spread the word. If at least 1% of them donate ₹100, she would have got the required money for surgery.

The good thing is she got support from her relatives and husband’s colleagues who gave the necessary amount. The surgery was a success.  Her husband has recovered now.

Surprisingly, people are still sharing the post even after her husband recovered after surgery. Later, she removed the post from Facebook and deactivated her Facebook account as she was getting inquiries from unknown people about her husband’s health condition.

Finally, the lesson is, we see these types of posts every day. Most of them may be fake stories. But few of them are real. But most of us share all of those stories assuming someone will help them if it is real.