Home Satire What movie actress speaks on bikini appearance vs Reality

What movie actress speaks on bikini appearance vs Reality

What movie actress speaks on bikini appearance vs Reality. Cartoon by Gobyme.com
Top movie actress (Heroine) on wearing bikini.
Cartoon and Copyright owned by Gobyme

Movie actress speaks on bikini appearance!

The reason movie actresses talk about bikini appearance in films to media is always different from reality. When any media representative inquiries about bikini appearance especially to a top movie heroine, the first answer we hear from them is, “I am ready to appear in bikini if story demands”. We hear these type of responses especially from the heroines who didn’t appear in a bikini on big screen till date. This is the most common response we receive especially from South Indian movie actresses.

The first question is, why will story demand a bikini appearance? Unless it’s a B Grade film, no story requires a bikini appearance. The screen presence of female lead in South Indian movies is very less. In most of the movies, heroines are restricted to songs and few romantic scenes.

The reality is it’s not the story, but the producer or director of the film demands actress to appear in the bikini. So that they can grab youth to movie theaters. Finally, these so called top heroines will agree to appear in bikini only if they were offered more remuneration or if they want to sustain competition from other young stars. Later, most of these heroines appeared in songs wearing a bikini.