What if minors misunderstand Juvenile Justice
What if minors misunderstand Juvenile Justice?
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After supreme court judgement on releasing the minor criminal in Nirbhaya rape and murder case, the government has passed a new Justice Bill. The Juvenile Justice Bill states that the children above 16 years are under consideration for criminal punishments if they involve in major crimes like murder or rape.

What about children less than 16-year-old engages in illegal activities

Due to advance in science and technology, current generation children are more knowledgeable about social issues, sex, crime, etc. Television serials, movies, social media and the internet are helping them to gain more knowledge on the topics that children should not need.

What type of cases are filed against minors in Indian police stations? 

The number of instances of children involving in the criminal activities is increasing day by day. Most of them are sexual harassment or rape cases. Most of those cases are a minor boy raping a minor girl. A part of the official records there are a lot of incidents happening all around India. But parents of the children are settling them outside the police station.

How educated are minors on sex? 

Keeping the rape cases aside few children aged between 12 to 15 are frequently participating in sex with mutual understanding between boy and girl. These incidents are coming to limelight only when the girl is becoming pregnant. Engaging sex with a girl under 18 years is illegal in India. It is considered as rape, even though they do it in mutual understanding. But, if the culprit is a minor boy, no major punishments, just counselling will be given to the boy.

What if minors misunderstand Juvenile Justice?

As there are no significant punishments to minor, these type of cases are increasing day by day. Indian laws are also giving a wrong message to the young generation. With the update in science and technology, the Indian laws should also be updated to meet the generation gaps.



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