What if driverless cars were available in 2002? Cartoon (Fun)


What if smart cars or driverless cars were available in 2002? How it would have helped Salman Khan’s hit and run case to resolve in just a few days instead of years.

Assuming driverless cars were available in 2002. Celebrities, businessperson, sportspersons are rich enough to buy those cars.

Salman Khan has also purchased one. One bad day, his car met with an accident. He no needs to worry, because it is the fault of the car and not the driver.

As a first step police files a case against the owner of the car. In the court, the prosecution lawyer says it is the mistake of the owner of the car who was driving the car at the time of the accident. Meanwhile, the defence lawyer explains that the mistake is with the driverless car and his client is innocent.

Interestingly, the smart car comes to court and says, “it is my mistake, not my owner”. It will also show the visual of the accident. After watching the visual, the Judge says, the owner is innocent, and the culprit is the driverless car. As per judgement by the court, police will dismantle the car as it is the culprit.

(Imagine the scene where the court gave same judgement to Rajinikanth’s Robo at the climax of the movie)

Image: Copyright owned by Gobyme.com