What are we missing with online shopping
What we miss with Online Shopping . Buy fitness online cartoon
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Online Shopping is making our life easier. Right from vegetables to electronics, everything is available online. Once ordered they will be delivered to door steps. But, what are we missing with online shopping?

Here are the few cases which I feel we are missing with online shopping.

Physical activity: Ordering a product by sitting in front of a computer or mobile will make you lazy. Going out for a shopping can make you physically and mentally active. If you go for a shopping mall to purchase dresses, imagine how many calories you will burn on that day. Unknowingly you will make yourself active if you go out for shopping. It’s true, we can buy anything online. But remember we can’t buy Physical fitness online.

Feel the product: Let’s say we decided to buy a dress online. We will select the size and color to buy it, but we do not have option to try it. So, we may not know whether it really suits our style, or whether it really fits to our sizes until we try it.

Product Quality & Look: Generally, e-commerce websites uses good quality images to display the products. Because of this Photography, the product may look good. In reality, the product may not be in good condition when it actually delivers to us. Let’s again consider same example of buying a dress online, we cannot identify the quality of cloth, we cannot identify the damages in it, we cannot feel the discomfort in that dress until we see it closely & try it. One important thing about look is the actual color of the product may also vary in computer display. This case is also applicable for online shopping for furniture, shoes, jewelry etc.

Direct shopping experience: This is the biggest experience which we miss with online shopping. Going out for a shopping with family and friends gives us a break from routine work life. By end of the day we feel that we spent time with family and friends. Apart from this, our friends and family may give us suggestions in buying products. Let’s again consider buying cloths, if we go to shopping along with friends to buy a good dress, our friends may suggest which one suit our style and which are not. We may not get this experience with online shopping

No need to wait for the product to deliver: Why should we wait for long time to see and use the product which we purchased online? If you order online, you have to wait for few days to deliver the product. This is one of the bad experiences with online shopping. Even after this long wait, imagine the delivered product doesn’t reach your expectation, at the end of the day you will be disappointed.

Shopping with children:  This is for parents. Your kids will be more excited if you go out for shopping with them and buy toys, dresses, books etc. from a store rather than buying it from online store.

Hand Pick: This suits apt for fresh vegetables and fruits. You may not pick the fresh vegetables and fruits if you order them online.

Order food online vs dinner at restaurant: You may not have the same feeling that you had a dinner at restaurant, even though you order the same menu from your favorite restaurant.

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