Unemployment vs. entrepreneurship
Joke on unemployed friend who is thinking about entrepreneurship. Cartoon by

This story is about one of my jobless friend who said he is an entrepreneur instead of unemployed.

It’s almost six years completed when I last met him on the final day of our engineering college. One day I met him accidentally at the coffee shop. It took few seconds for me to recognize him. Both of us were excited after seeing each other. When I asked him, “what are you doing now?” He said, “I am an entrepreneur.” I know he was a backbench student and rarely attend classes.  But, I am surprised to hear that he became an entrepreneur.

I was assuming many things in my mind. I was thinking he would be running a business or started his company. Anything is possible nowadays.

With a bit curious I asked him, “did you start a company”? He said, “No.” I didn’t get an answer to what I want to listen from him.

I thought as many young people; he would have started a small business and claiming it as entrepreneurship instead of self-employment.

I was more curious to listen from him, so I asked him, “are you running any business.” Again, same response, “No”. I was confused and thinking what he was doing.

Then he said, “I didn’t get any job for six years. I learned almost all software courses, but no one is giving me the job. So I am thinking about entrepreneurship.”

I was shocked with his response. He was not able to sell himself to get a small job. But he is thinking about entrepreneurship. He doesn’t have any good idea in his mind to start a business or a company.  After my prolonged discussion with him, I understood that he was claiming himself as an entrepreneur instead of an unemployed.

Finally, I thought if every unemployed in India believe that they are entrepreneurs then we can see “Zero Unemployment rate” in near future.

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