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Top 15 Rules for Success mantra by Sadhguru – Get Inspired

Top 15 Rules for Success mantra by Sadhguru. Here are the golden words by motivational speaker Sadhguru. Read it and get inspired.

Top 15 Rules for Success mantra by Sadhguru - Get Inspired
Top 15 Rules for Success mantra by Sadhguru – Get Inspired

Top 15 Rules for Success mantra by Sadhguru

Take charge of your life
” You may not control external events but you control your life. You are responsible for your life and you can shape your life.”

Be conscious of your mortality
“Millions of people may not wake tomorrow morning. Check if you are alive tomorrow. It’s a fantastic day for you. If you are conscious of your mortality you won’t fight with others, you won’t do any rubbish with others.”

Don’t identify yourself with anything
“Don’t compare you with anyone. Being alive is great”

Forget Luck, Live by Intent
“A few things may happen by chance. But if you wait for the chance, good things will happen to you only when you are in your grave because things may take their time. When you live by chance, you also live in fear and anxiety. When you live by intent and capability, it does not matter what is happening or not happening, at least you are in control of what is happening to It is a more stable life.”

Stop Fixating on Failure
“For a committed man, there is no such thing as failure. If you fall down 100 times in the day, it is 100 lessons learnt.”

Work with Clarity
“What a human being needs is clarity, not confidence. If you want to walk through a crowd of people, if your vision is clear and you can see where everybody is, you can just walk through the whole crowd without touching anyone. If your vision is not clear but you have confidence, you will walk over everybody. Because there is no clarity, people think that confidence is a good substitute. It just cannot be.”

Embrace the People and Things You Dislike
“To handle different kinds of situations in our lives, we need different kinds of identities. If you are fluid(a substance that has no fixed shape), you can change from one to another gracefully. Then you can play any role and still have no problem with it. But for most people, their personality is like a rock. It sits on them all the time and makes them suffer anything that does not fit into its ambit.”

Tune Up Your Insight
“Insight means you pay attention to life around you in such a way that you are able to see things that most people cannot see.”

Find Your Inspiration
“Another important dimension is to constantly be inspired. Look at the reason why you are doing what you are doing and see the larger dimension of it, the contribution you make through every little thing you do in your life.”

Set the Gold Standard in Integrity
“Integrity is important because when you want to function in the world, how much trust you generate with the people you interact with determines how easy or hard your daily efforts will be. If there is an atmosphere of trust, your ability to work will be greatly enhanced – simply because everyone will pave the way for you rather than setting up impediments.”

Pay attention to yourself

“If you’re not paying attention to what I’m saying, would you know what I’m talking? That’s so with every aspect of life? If you’re not paying attention to it, you don’t know what you are eating, what you are breathing and what’s happening around. You are not a rock, you are human being” .

Take a holiday from seriousness

“If we want to transform ourselves, we need to “take a holiday” from being serious.  Loosen up your life a little bit, laugh a bit more, involve yourself with people around you and do things that you think are not so important.”

Be Calm and Happy

“The first and most fundamental responsibility for a human being is to become a joyous being. To be happy is not the ultimate aspect of life. It is the fundamental aspect of life. If you are not happy, what else can you do with your life? Only if you are happy, can other great possibilities open up.”

Sadhguru also says “Have a sense of humour” and “do Yoga” for success.

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