Home Opinions This youth behavior in front of god at temple will shock you!!

This youth behavior in front of god at temple will shock you!!

Youth this is temple, not a park
This youth behavior in front of god at temple will shock you!! Temple as public parks.
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The first thing, I wanted to say, this post is not intended to all the youth, but is only applicable to the young people who did below activities at the temple.

This youth behavior in front of God at Temple will shock you!!

Temple as public parks!

I see most of the college students, especially pairs, treating temples as parks where they can spend time talking each other. Every week when I go to any big temple, I observe most of the young people come to the temple for various purposes, but not to worship God. I even shocked to see few of the couples never darshan God, instead directly goes to the back side of the temple or any other free area where they can talk lonely. I want to tell them ‘Youth, this is a temple! Not a public park’.

God as superheroes!

Shocked to see how Ganesh Jayanthi was celebrated this year. Few youth club organizers designed Ganesh Idols in their favorite hero look, like Super Man, Spiderman, Hulk and even with Gabbar Singh and Uppi 2 look. God is the super power, who are these so-called superheroes or movie heroes in front of God.

Adding fashion to God!

Most of us, in fact, none of us don’t follow the dress code at the temple. Instead most of us wear jeans wear, which is not our traditional, but still acceptable as jeans wear is part of our routine life. But I was shocked to see a young girl visited the temple on shots. I don’t understand whether she is aware that she came to a temple or by mistakenly visited Temple instead of going to pub.

God as trendsetter!

Temples are meant for peace, but I see most of the temples are using loudspeakers to play songs. It is acceptable if they play Suprabhat or any other devotional songs. But in most of the temples, I hear remix songs. The religious lyrics were remixed with trendsetting super hit movie songs

Celebrations in Youth way!

I was surprised to see the way youth participated in some festivals especially ‘Hanuman Jayanti.’ The youth came to the roads on motorcycles, carrying red flags, formed a rally and sounding horns continuously. I saw most of them were riding triples and shouting loudly. For a while, I thought they were obstructing the road(raasta roko) on behalf of some political party. Later, I was shocked to know that they were celebrating Hanuman Jayanthi. I saw this type of behavior among youth who celebrates politicians and movie stars birthdays. Now they are doing it for Hanuman Birthday.

Drinking and Dancing in front of God!

I was shocked to see youth drinking and dancing in front of God, especially during Ganesh Immersion, at Hyderabad. When enquired them about drink and dance, one of the young man said, “it’s quite common. This is the tradition we follow”. I want to tell them, youth you are in a temple not in a bar.

Praying God in youth way!

Lemon rice or Pongal or laddu are considered as Prasad(prasadams). But, I saw a young man was serving Biriyani as Prasad to the devotees who came to the temple for worship. Just like me, most of the devotees were shocked with this incident. One old man got angry and asked priest why are you giving biryani as Prasad. He replied, “Sir, he is relative to some politician, and he want to serve Prasad to give his vow today. I don’t know what is in the can, so I said Ok”. Looks like the young guy got inspired by “Kannappa Nayanar” story who served swine’s meat to Lord Shiva.

Probably there will be many other incidents happen all around the country in the same. But, I hope youth should follow our tradition while praying God.

Disclaimer:  The post” This youth behavior in front of God at the temple will shock you” is based on my real life experiences that happened in front of me with few people.