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Smart lock for motorcycles. Track lost vehicle with mobile app

We can see robust and secure locking systems for motorcycles which can detect the threat of stealing a motorcycle and even can identify the location of the vehicle in case if it is stolen.


At least, hundreds of motorcycles theft cases are registered in police stations every day.

Robbers are making cash from the loopholes with the existing locking system in vehicles.

The current two lock system provided in motorcycles that include start lock and vehicle lock is not entirely secured when you park vehicles in public areas as trained robbers are easily unlocking both of these locks.

However, this can be possible with a simple GPS enabled sensor and a Mobile App. This GPS-enabled sensor will be integrated with locking system, whereas the mobile app is configured to the secret key of the sensor.

Smart Lock for motorcycles works in the following way

  1. Every Smart locking system will have a GPS-enabled sensor. This Smart locking system should be replaced with the traditional or default mechanical locking system.
  2. Every Smart Lock has a secret key which should be activated through the mobile app.
  3. To install this mobile app, the user should have a smartphone. By using this mobile app, the user can lock and unlock the motorcycle. User can also identify the location of motorcycle and can get security alerts during theft
  4. Only the users who have activated the secret key using the mobile app can lock or unlock the respective Smart locks. The user can’t lock or unlock the other Smart locks which are not activated in his Smartphone
  5.  The intelligent locking system will have double lock option as it can be locked using the mobile app or using a key.
Smart lock for motorcycles. Track lost vehicle with GPS enabled mobile app
Smart lock for motorcycles. Track lost vehicle with GPS enabled mobile app

Key Features of the Smart Lock Sensor

1.       Theft detector

The sensor detects if the unauthorised person tries to unlock the motorcycle lock with any other keys or by using any other techniques.

2.       Security alarm

Any tampering with the lock will trigger a painfully-loud alarm and trigger

3.       Alerts to mobile phone

Along with the loud alarm, the app also triggers alert/notification messages to configured mobiles. The app user can share his secret key details to family members or friends so that even they will receive the signals during theft

4.       GPS Enabled

The integrated GPS chip makes the lock fully internet connected.  This chip allows you to track the motorcycle in real time using your smartphone. The exact location of the vehicle can be traced using the GPS-enabled chip.

5.       Keyless option – Lock through mobile app

Use your smartphone as an electronic key to quickly lock and unlock motorcycle lock. Every smart lock will have a secret key and the smartphone which has this app installed with secret key configured can unlock the motorcycle key.

6.       Share the electronic keys with friends and family

The owner of the motorcycle can also share the secret electronic key with friends or family members. He can share the electronic key to others when they want to ride the vehicle or rent vehicle for some period. To get the secret e-key, the renter should also have the app installed in their smartphone. The renter can lock and unlock the smart lock of the motorcycle when required.

7.       Double lock option with mechanical key

To have more security, the smart lock will also have a mechanical key just like an ordinary lock for traditional motorcycles. The user can use either mechanical lock or smart lock or both. In case if the user locks using double lock option, then the lock will not be opened until it is unlocked with the smartphone and by the mechanical key.

Other advantages:

  • The smart lock will be water, fire and heat resistant
  • The smart lock uses motorcycle battery to charge

Available Technology Till Date : The product from Lock8.me (Lock N Locate) is an intelligent lock system for bikes(bicycles).

Image Source: Image designed by Shyam Prasad. Copyright @ www.gobyme.com