Security guards in India. How do we expect vs reality. Cartoon by Gobyme.
Security Guards in India. How do we expect vs reality. Cartoon by Gobyme.
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Security guards in India

Almost every organization have security guards in India.

Usually, uneducated people are recruited as security guards. Most of the Security guards at corporate offices and multinational corporations are youth.Whereas the security guards at banks, ATMs, apartments are old age people.

The security guard is the one of the least paid jobs in India.

Most of the security guards look very lean and weak.

Security guards in India carry sticks as weapons instead of guns to protect the property. Moreover, security guards are not trained to fight against thieves and gangsters as they attack with the latest equipment like guns and sharp knives.

Each security guard usually works for 12 hours a day against the regular 8 hours duty.

Most the security guards do not know how to use the latest technology like CCTV cameras.

Security guards In USA

Very few offices/companies recruit security persons.

Every corporation depends on the latest technology to protect their property. They install CCTVs cameras to monitor the buildings 24/7 and which is being supervised by a centralized system. They use spy sensors to detect suspicious persons. They use alarms to alert police in case of any physical attack on the people or property.

Security persons look like bouncers.

Security guards carry the latest equipment like a gun, bulletproof jackets, binoculars and walkie-talkie with them.

They have the ability to catch the thieves without any physical damage to the property.

The organizations in the USA pays Security guards as per the labor law.

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