Revolution in Science and technology vs Superstitions – True story


The revolution in Science and technology has also led to increase in superstitions, leading to foolish beliefs and practices.

So-called Baba’s are making cash from the weakness of people. It’s not only about uneducated people; the problem is with well-educated people who encourage and support superstitions.

Science and technology vs. Superstitions

It is commonsense to consult a doctor first when a baby is not well, but asking Baba for a talisman or a priest for Vibhuti (blob or Bindhi) is a foolish idea.

The above cartoon is a real story of well-educated women who rushed to Baba for a talisman instead of a hospital when her baby was suffering from a cough, cold, and fever from last two days.

This lady is my colleague. She requested me to help her to carry her baby to Darga. I was shocked to see there were many uneducated people at Darga asking the person (Hakeem) to cure their children’s health problem. I understand that ignorant people believe and follow such stupid practices. But I was wondering about my colleague. Because she is well educated.

The person said that the illness is because of Evil’s eye. He knotted a talisman to the kid and told that kid will be recovered completely within few hours.

As an educated people, we should not believe superstitions. Unfortunately, we are still supporting and encouraging them in some other way.

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