Real friend vs Facebook friend, what’s the difference?


There is a famous poem in the Telugu language written by a poet named Vemana which says “A small glass of pure cow’s milk is more useful when compared to a pot full of donkey’s milk”.

This proverb perfectly suits for real friends and Facebook friends.

It’s better to have four real life friends rather than having 1000 Facebook friends. It’s tough to get a true friend, but you can get a Facebook friend with just two clicks.

So what’s the difference between Real friend vs. Facebook friend? Whom should we trust?

Real life friends will be with you when you are in trouble. They support you when you need any help including financial help. They encourage you when you fail, and they criticize you when you are doing wrong.

However, you can expect only likes and shares from your Facebook friends for your posts and photos. Your Facebook friends may not reply you when you request them for any help.

Facebook friends may help you in spreading a word, but they may not help you in resolving your problems.

When you are free, spend time directly with your real friends, not with so-called friends on Facebook.

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