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Politicians Switching Parties. What they Say Vs Reality!

Politicians Switching Parties Cartoon by Gobyme
Politicians Switching Parties
Cartoon and Copyright owned by Gobyme

Politicians Switching Parties – In Cartoon

Most of the politicians switch parties to gain power by joining in the ministry of a cabinet or to obtain a key position in the new party. Few other politicians change party before elections, as they are aware that they may lose in elections if they continue with their current party.

Few other politicians won elections and became MLA’s by contesting from the opposition party. After the elections, they switched from opposition party to ruling party to obtain ministry.

This scenario is widely happening in Telugu Speaking states i.e. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. In both of these states, the ruling party objective is to remove the opposition party. The ruling party in Telangana has almost won against opposition parties by pulling their MLA’s into their party. TRS Government even offered ministry for few of them. Now, the same strategy is followed by Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh, which is ruling party in AP. TDP Government is pulling the MLA’s from YSRCP Party.

In both of these states, it was rumored that the opposition party MLA’s were threatened to join in ruling party if not governing party will put fake cases on them. In case, if opposition party MLA’s agree to join in ruling party, they are offered in between Rs35 to 50 Crore cash and some projects or land, etc.

Finally, none of these MLA’s reveals actual reasons while changing the party. Every time they change a party they say same reason, “I am switching to ruling party to serve people in a better way”. End of the day these politicians can’t fool the public. Everyone can understand the reality.

Finally, the ruling party will be strengthened by adding more MLA’s to their party. On the other hand, the MLA’s who switched parties will get monetary benefits.

But do you know, where the ruling party is getting money to buy opposition party MLAs? The answer is simple. It is people’s money or the taxpayers money. They are using our money to buy MLA’s from opposition parties.

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