Politicians Special Prayers to win the elections: Fun but True


Politicians Special Prayers to win the elections

I see most of the politicians do special prayers at temples to win the elections. Few of the politician family members do it for days to weeks to please God.

Few chief ministers and central ministers are not an exemption from this list. I see few chief ministers and central ministers do special prayers to God to win the elections.

The interesting thing that they ignore is they have to please voters, not the God. Because Voters are God to politicians during elections time.

Most of the MP’s and MLA’s ignore people after they win the elections. They will contact the people during election period requesting their votes. If they are in touch with their voters for five years and resolve their issues, they need not do any special prayers to God to support them in elections. Because voters will be with them.

Special prayers for people? 

Few politicians do these special prayers for their personal gain, but in front of media, they say the special prayers are for the people.

What about the cost of the prayers? 

Some prayers are very expense. The cost may vary from few thousands to millions of rupees.

Whose money politicians will spend for these prayers? Is it government money(tax payers money) or their personal expense? The answer is simple, if they are in ruling party and especially if they are MLA, MP or minister, they will use government money. If they are in the opposition party and are eager to get power in upcoming elections, they have to invest themselves for prayers.

Finally, most of the politicians pray god every day, but they ignore people who are actually more powerful than god during elections.

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