Odd Even car rule in Delhi from Jan 1st by delhi government. Cartoon by Gobyme
Odd Even car rule in Delhi from Jan 1st by Delhi government.
Cartoon and Copyright owned by Gobyme

Odd-even car rule in Delhi

Residents of Delhi may not digest with the decision taken by Delhi government. The government decision on odd-even car rule on the weekdays may reduce the traffic and pollution levels. But it is not the permanent solution. However, as per government, it is a 15-day trial program and not a continuous program. But, even in this 15-day trial program government will impose a fine of Rs 2000/- if citizens fail to follow the rule.

What is it?

Odd numbered cars should come on to the road on odd-number days and even numbered cars should come on to the road on even-number days.

What about medical emergencies?

There may be many cases where a family wants to travel to attend an event, or for an emergency. Unfortunately, they may not use their car on that particular day because of an odd-even rule. Even though the government says those on the way to the hospital for any medical emergency will be allowed based on their word. But it is tough to convince police that they are on the way to the hospital or a medical emergency.

What are other options? 

Govt suggests carpooling to reduce the number of cars on the road. But govt is recommending to avoid carpooling with strangers and make a group of friends, relatives or neighbors for car pooling.

Govt is advising citizens to use public transport.

Citizens can use two-wheelers irrespective of an odd-even rule.

Cars with CNG engines are an exemption from odd-even car rule.

Women who are driving alone or with children are an exemption from odd-even car rule.

What about people having two cars with both odd and even numbers? 

Few families have more than one car. I see both husband and wife own a car, and they travel alone in their cars to the office located at different locations.

As women drivers are an exemption from odd-even car rule, husband and wife can swap their cars on odd-even days if they own an odd and even number car.

What about the owner of the car is a woman and its driver is male?

Most of the business woman in the city don’t know driving. They take help of drivers. As per odd-even car rule, women who are driving alone are an exemption.  There is no clarity in this scenario.

Can’t a woman give a lift to man?

As per odd-even car rule, women drivers travelling with kids are an exemption. But woman drivers going with men on odd-even rule day are not an exemption and will be fined with Rs 2000. With this odd-even car rule, no woman will give a lift to a man on an odd-even rule day.

Can’t people cheat police and government?

Few local vendors are already selling fake number plates. The design of fake number plates is in such a way that the last digit of the registration number can be easily interchangeable.  It is tough for police to identify these fake number plates.

Why are traffic and pollution increasing day by day in Delhi? 

Due to increase in earning power, people are buying cars. Most of the citizens are not using two-wheelers even though they have it. They are convenient in using cars. Most of them travel alone in the car daily to office. Because of this increase in car usage, traffic and pollution are increasing day by day.