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Meet Youngest Female Bodybuilder Europa Bhowmik

Europa Bhowmik Youngest female bodybuilder of India(Before & After)
Europa Bhowmik Youngest female bodybuilder of India(Before & After)

Youngest female bodybuilder of India

Europa Bhowmik is the youngest female bodybuilder in India. She became the youngest bodybuilder at age of 16. She has been into bodybuilding from the last four years.

She won the title of youngest Female Bodybuilder at the age of 16. However, it is not Europa Bhowmik childhood dream to become a bodybuilder. She had joined the gymnasium for the first time only to lose her weight. She didn’t have the intention to be a bodybuilder. She wanted to be fit and strong. That’s how her training started. But she lost so much weight that she became very lean during her initial days at Gym. But, her hard work, discipline and strong determination made her fit and strong.


She became a runner-up of Miss Asia, 2017.
She also won a gold medal in National Championship.
She also won 3rd runner-up in Senior National Bodybuilding Competition, 2017.
She won bronze at the 2016 World Championship held in Bangkok
Represented India at the Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship held in South Korea.
Along with these, Europa has won many such competitions by impressing everyone with her beautiful muscular body

Here is her Diet.

In order to maintain her body, Europa follows a balanced diet with rich protein.

Her breakfast includes the whole bowl of oatmeal with bananas. Lunch includes the whole plate of rice with Chicken or Dal. As part of dinner, she reduces carb intake. She maintains the same protein intake in her diet.

She likes meat. But she don’t consider chicken as meat as it is boring for her. She travels a lot and love various types of meat. She loves Pork. She tried crocodile, shark and clams meat. She avoids bad fat.

Her Dream

Europa dreams of participating in Olympia. She works hard for the same. Her idol is also the Olympia champion, Dana Linn Bailey. (Dana Linn Bailey is the first women’s physique pro in the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness)

How Europa’s friends and family reacted to her bodybuilding career?

The society did raise eyebrows on Europa’s decision on bodybuilding. In the beginning, even her family was against to her decision. Her parents and her closest friends thought she was crazy. As per Europa, her parents were the ones who were really criticized her. She wanted to keep her parents away as they were demotivating her.

However, Europa has stuck to her decision of building body. After seeing her hard work, her parents started supporting her. Ever since she became popular, her mother follows her to every competition. Whenever she feels demotivated her mom actually encourages her.

As per her coach Indranil Maity, her passion for it is on a different level which even boys don’t have.