Home Health Lack of sleep can harm you in Six ways. See how

Lack of sleep can harm you in Six ways. See how

Lack of sleep can harm you in Six ways. See how
Lack of sleep can harm you in Six ways. See how

Most of us may not have a sound sleep due to a busy lifestyle or work pressures. Few of us neglect our sleep and reduces the sleep time from 8 hours to four or five hours per day. The impact of missing sound sleep is seen immediately next day. We may feel fatigue the next day. But if we neglect enough sleep for many days, the health impacts can be severe. Lack of sleep can directly impact our immune system.

Lack of sleep vs health problems

Here are the major health problems we may face with lack of enough sleep.

Diabetes: This is another lifestyle disease. Stress is one of the reasons for Diabetes. People sleeping less than five hours can get diabetes sooner.

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Heart Diseases: Lack of enough sleep can cause heart disease. Blood Pressure levels vary among the people who sleep less than 5 hours a day. The human body can repair blood vessels and heart during sleep. If we don’t have enough, sleep the human body can’t repair them.

Digestion and stomach disorders: Lack of sleep during the night can cause stomach disorders and gastrointestinal problems. People who work night shifts are at high risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases.

Respiratory health: Lack of sleep can cause common cold and influenza very frequently among few people. Prolonged irregular sleep can even cause lung disease. People already who have lung disease, Asthma, are severely affected.

Mental health: Lack of sleep can lead to stress, depression, angry and anxiety.

Weight gain in few people: One of the studies proved that lack of sleep could increase weight gain in few people. People suffering from digestion problems may lose weight because of lack of proper sleep during night