Home Health Unknown Facts -Health risks of drinking Mineral Water supplied by Local Vendors

Unknown Facts -Health risks of drinking Mineral Water supplied by Local Vendors

Know the health risks of drinking Mineral Water supplied by Local Vendors
Know the health risks of drinking Mineral Water supplied by Local Vendors

Most of us prefer drinking mineral water instead of drinking tap water supplied by the government. Instead of using branded water bottles most of us prefer mineral water cans provided by local vendors.

But do you know what’s the difference between mineral water and tap water is? Do you know the health risks of drinking mineral water supplied by local vendors?

Mineral water contains all the useful mineral salts and oligo elements. The oligo-elements are calcium, magnesium, sodium, chromium, copper, iron, chlorine, manganese, selenium, fluorine, and boron. By drinking mineral water, our body receives all the essential minerals.

It’s a common assumption that mineral water is pure water and germ-free. Drinking this mineralized water avoids the transport of water born diseases like cholera, typhoid, jaundice, etc. Off course, it’s true if you are drinking pure mineral water. However, most of the local suppliers are not maintaining the standards specified by World Health Organisation (WHO). Because of this more amounts of oligo-elements are added instead of required quantity.

But the accumulation of all these minerals in our body in excess amounts may lead to different health problems.

Let us see the health problems caused by excess amount of some minerals available in mineral water.

The excess amount of calcium leads to constipation, nausea and intestinal gas formation. If calcium dose may more than 4000mg/day it leads to kidney damage.

Mega dose of magnesium is safe for healthy people. But the people those who are suffering from kidney problems, the magnesium overload can cause weakness of muscles, difficulty in breathing and irregular heartbeat (leads to heart attack).

Overload of phosphorus may decrease the amount of calcium from the body.

The excess amount of selenium causes fragile nails and hair loss.

Let’s see some more health hazards caused by mineral water

Mineral water is artificially prepared in mineral water plants by artificial methods using underground water. Sometimes, the underground water may contain excess amounts of salts. If the water is not purified properly under hygienic conditions, these salts will reside in water.

Few local mineral water plants use artificial sweeteners to give sweet taste to the water instead of purifying the water. Drinking this kind of water can bring you new health problems as it is not a purified mineral water.

It’s known fact that tap water has fluoride. The fluoride quantity in tap water may vary based on the source of the water. It’s a common assumption that mineral water doesn’t have fluoride.  But it’s a mistake. Bottled or mineral water may even have fluoride if it is not purified properly.

Health Hazard’s with Canned Mineral Water Bottles

After mineralization, the water is stored in plastic bottles. The very first problem starts from here. Bisphenol A is used in the manufacturing of plastic bottles. If we store the water in these bottles for a long time it will contaminate the water. Contamination of water with this Bisphenol A  causes health problem to the brain, behavior and prostate gland in fetuses, infants, and young children.

Storing water in plastic bottles for longer period leads to the formation of bacteria and fungus and it will contaminate bottled water. Especially, if we use non-reuse able bottle for longer periods it may even leads to Cancer.

Then how to choose best mineral water provider

Pick a mineral water provider who has ISI mark.

Be sure to find out the source of that company’s water and ensure the water you’re drinking is fluoride-free.

Choose bottles which are clean.

Try to use alternatives of mineral water bottles. Using water purifiers is one of the best methods for drinking pure water. There are many brands providing water purifiers in the market like Kent, Eureka Forbes, HUL, etc.

Final Fact: Most of us prefer brands and stick to them for many things but study says 95% of the people didn’t take care of brand or ISI vendors for drinking canned Mineral water.