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Interesting facts about Ronald Ross and his studies

Interesting facts about Britisher Ronald Ross who born in India. This noble prize winner discovered the root cause of Malaria while he was doing research in a building near Begumpet, Secunderabad on August 20, 1897. The day we celebrate as World's Malaria Day

Interesting facts about Ronald Ross and his studies at Secunderabad
Interesting facts about Ronald Ross and his studies at Secunderabad.
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Interesting facts about Ronald Ross: Ronald Ross invented the medicine to Malaria. He was born on 13th May 1857 at Almora in present Uttarakhand State, India. He belongs to British family, London

Ross Career Interest : He was interested in painting and mathematics. He wanted to settle down as a painter. But, on his father’s insistence he selected medical career.

Career as Medical Officer : After completing his medicine, he joined as Medical officer in Indian Military Academy in 1881. He got the idea of doing research on Malaria when he faced a malaria patient while he was studying medicine.

Initial study on mosquitoes started from his quarters: He began doing research on Malaria from Bangalore, where he was allocated a bungalow at Military Academy. He noticed that there were many mosquitoes in his bungalow than in any other. He observed that a barrel with water was full of mosquito larvae. Ross removed the water from the barrel and found that the number of mosquitoes got reduced.

Hypothesis Ross proposed before discovering the cause of Malaria: Initially, Ross suggested that mosquitoes carry parasitises and store in water. The person who drinks this water will be infected with Malaria. But he came to a conclusion that water would not cause malaria infection.

Later, Ross hypothesised that the malaria disease is communicated by the bite of a mosquito which injects a few Parasites. Parasites may enter in this manner into the human system.

Ross tested this hypothesis with different types of mosquitoes and failed.

The day.

On August 20th, 1897, Ross finally discovered the actual cause of malaria. He found that microbes in female Anopheles mosquito that cause Malaria when it bites a healthy person. This day we celebrate as World’s Malaria Day.

It took 16 years for Ronald Ross to identify the cause for Malaria.

Interesting facts about Ronald Ross and his studies
Ronald Ross building in Begumpet, Secunderabad
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Ronald Ross had discovered the root cause when he was doing research at Secunderabad. Now that building is called Sir Ronald Ross building or Sir Ronald Ross Institute of Parasitology. It is located at Begumpet, Secunderabad.