how to make myself active. Fat man watching TV, Cartoon by gobyme
How to make myself active, fat man watching Tv
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I don’t have time to workout. I am busy with office work. I have to take care of many other things. So, I don’t have time to workout. 

But what is reality,

I have plenty of time to watch Indian Premier League, Pro Kabaddi, Indian Football League in front of TV.

I have a good amount of time to spend with friends & colleagues at restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

I have a lot of time for googling, Facebook, checking emails, playing games, etc. every day.

I have plenty of time to browse various shopping websites to buy shoes, dresses, etc.

I spend a lot of time to read reviews on newly launched mobiles, electronics, cars and other gadgets on various websites. That too daily.

Even after doing all these things, I still have time to chat with friends on WhatsApp!

Guys, If you can do at least two activities in a day, it means you still have time to workout. But you are just skipping it saying some silly reasons.

Let’s assume you are busy with office and family life and you can’t accommodate time to workout. Then here are the few tips to make yourself active without doing any workout.

How to make myself active?

1.  No Online shopping

One of the tremendous advantages of online shopping is to save time, but If you are spending more than one hour to buy Shoes or Dress Online in a day, then better go out for a shopping mall or a shop where you can buy them directly. Agree, you may miss discounts, but you will make yourself active if you go out for shopping.

2. Avoid late night chatting 

If you can avoid late night Facebook & WhatsApp chatting, you can sleep early, so that you can wake early. If you do so, you can avoid unnecessary physical and mental stress on the body.

3. Why using escalator if you can walk

Skip using elevators, instead use stairs at office and home. This physical activity will help you in burning calories.

4. Play outdoor games with children during weekends

If you are a parent, spend time with children at parks and playgrounds. You will become physically active automatically.

5. Don’t use vehicle for shorter distances, instead walk

Avoid using two wheeler if you want to buy groceries, vegetables, etc. from nearby shop

6. Walk while you watch

If you have a treadmill or cycle at home, you can do workouts while you are watching TV

How about at office

1. Avoid phone, if you can meet colleague directly to discuss work related issue

2. Go out for a 5 min walk after lunch.

3. Avoid cafeterias for break at work, instead go for a walk

4. Stretch your body while you work. This physical activity will also make you free from stress

Finally, have a balanced diet and sleep.