How can criminals use loopholes in Indian laws for illegal activities?


Loopholes in Indian laws

Once again it is proved there are many loopholes in Indian laws. Even after involved in rape and murder a person was released without any punishment stating that person was minor.

Not sure on what criteria Indian laws proposed Minor and Major concept. If a 15 or 16-year-old person can rape or murder an adult, should we still consider his age factor while punishing me. It’s clear it is not a small mistake, but even supreme court can’t punish that person. This incident has happened with Nirbhaya case.

I am afraid that Supreme Court has given wrong signals to public that it won’t punish minors even if they do illegal activities. Due to advanced in science and technology and availability of internet at home, a 10 old present generation kid has an almost same understanding as an 18-year-old yesteryear generation person. We can understand how knowledgeable a 15-year-old in the current generation.

Considering these loopholes, what if criminals use minor persons for the illegal activities.  It’s time for central government to recheck the flaws in Indian laws as early as possible to avoid any more misuse of these laws in future.

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