Funny interview with MBA Finance fresher
Funny interview with MBA Finance fresher

The below discussion is a real incident in Indian MNC. It had happened when I got a chance to interview an MBA Finance fresher who applied for a vacant post in our company. The candidate responded very confidently for every question, and he was pretty sure that he will crack the interview.

Here is the transcript of the conversation that was ended up as a Funny Interview for interview panel.

Interviewer: Who is a retail investor?
Applicant: The investor who invests in retail shops or Kirana stores is called retail investor.

Interviewer: Then who is an individual investor?
Applicant: The only investor in a company where no other investors invested in that company is called individual investor.

Interviewer: What is investment banking?
Applicant: Invest in the bank? 🙄 It means people invests in a bank like fixed deposits.

Interviewer: I didn’t say investment in the bank, I asked what is investment banking?
Applicant: 😕 Ok, if you invest in bank shares, then it is called investment banking.

Interviewer: What is mutual fund?
Applicant: It is fund collected mutually by a person from various organisations to buy a home or to start a business.

Interviewer: Who is Warren Buffet?
Applicant: The person who serve food to customers in a hotel for the buffet meal.

Interviewer: What is considered as ‘cash in hand’ in a balance sheet?
Applicant: The cash that is available right now in hand is called ‘cash in hand’. Money available in a purse or home lockers is not considered as cash in hand.

Interviewer: What is the difference between debit and credit in accounting?
Applicant: Debit and credit are two different types of cards. The debit card is used to withdraw cash from atm. A credit card is used for shopping in Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon.

Interviewer: What account you have to manage to buy or sell shares online?
Applicant: I think, we need to maintain either Olx or Quikr account to buy or sell shares online. 🙂

Interviewer: Well, I am done with the interview, do you have any questions.
Applicant: Yes sir, how did I do? 😀

Interviewer: 😐

By the end of interview, the interviewer was almost dead 😉



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