Employee skipped treatment to attend office as manager rejected leave – True story of employee who ended his life

This is the true story of a fresher who hesitated to apply for sick leave and skipped treatment for a life threatening disease after his arrogant manager rejected his leave application. His life story taught a lesson to HR department who came up with a program to train ‘First Time Managers’


It is the story of a Prakash (Name Changed) who was a bright student and placed with a Multi-National Company after BTech.

As a fresher, he was interested in learning technology quickly. He worked during weekends and late nights to complete the tasks. Everything went fine for one year.  After completing his probation period, he became a permanent employee in the company. Later he was moved to a new project.

He got a new manager, new team and new technology. He was ready to take any tasks assigned to him.

It’s just after a month joining the new team; he applied for an unplanned leave (sick leave). His manager approved it. He came back to the office after a couple of days and started working.

But he started to apply for unplanned leaves every 15 days. Even though, he was completing all his assigned tasks on time; his manager was not happy on his unexpected leaves.

One day Prakash phoned to his manager and said he had the doctor appointment, and he needs a sick leave. But this time his manager expressed his dissatisfaction on his sick leaves. As the manager was on vacation leave, he expected Prakash to take care of any requests. However, he approved for leave. On the same day, the manager came to a multiplex along with his family, and he saw Prakash near multiplex. He got angry thinking that Prakash applied for sick leave and partying with friends.

As his manager is not happy with his sick leaves, Prakash used to come to office even though he was sick. He used weekends to consult the doctor and for treatment. But he had to work during few weekends, so he even skipped the treatment.

Soon his health condition worsen. But none of the colleagues were aware of his health status. Instead, they used to enquire him about his weight loss. Prakash was losing weight day by day.

After few days, Prakash felt sick again. He was severely suffering from fever. He sent SMS to his manager that he was suffering from fever, and he can’t come to the office. The arrogant manager immediately phoned Prakash. He said, “I am rejecting your leave, come to office”.

Meanwhile, in the mid-year performance, the manager gave negative feedback to Prakash. With this, Prakash was more tensed as he needs this job to recover bank loans made by his father for his studies.

Days were passing; Prakash was falling sick now and then. But he is hesitating to apply for leave as his manager was shouting at him whenever he asks for leave. Prakash even skipped undergoing few medical tests as he doesn’t have time.

One day Prakash was very sick, and he went to the hospital alone. After doing various tests, doctors concluded that he was suffering from CANCER. It was in the advanced stage he can’t survive more than ten days.

He cried a lot thinking about his family. He immediately went hometown to spend rest of his life with his family. Before going to hometown, he sent an email to his manager stating that he was suffering from dreadful disease, he need ten days leave. But he didn’t resign the job, as he knows his family will get insurance amount from his company if he die.

The arrogant manager got outraged with this email. As he was about to travel the foreign country on a project discussion, he sent a complaint to HR department about Prakash’s behavior.

The manager came back to India after two weeks, and he came to know that Prakash is still on leave. He was very anger this time as Prakash didn’t inform him of the leave extension.

The Angry manager went to HR department to enquire about the action they had taken on Prakash. But, HR said, “Prakash was passed away few days back”. Even after listening to the sad news his manager didn’t believe. He said Prakash would be playing games to run away from the company. He remembered an incident where Prakash was at Multiplex when he was on leave. With the way the manager responded, HR manager was shocked. HR said Prakash was undergoing treatment at a hospital next to the multiplex.

Later HR Manager enquired about Prakash’s behavior and his manager’s behavior among other colleagues. Finally, HR understood that Prakash’s manager never allowed him to take leave. If the disease was identified in earlier, it would take four months to recover completely. Even, the company policy supports employee if they need long leave to recover from a dreadful disease. But Prakash didn’t get a chance to utilize that system.

Later the news went viral among the company, and people demanded to take action against the arrogant manager. Slowly the team members stopped supporting him. Finally, the manager left that company.

With Prakash’s incident, the company came up with a new program called ‘Training to first-time managers.’ In this program, the qualified HR consultants will teach how managers should work with their subordinates. Looks like the MNC learned a lesson from Prakash’s incident.

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