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Food items that reduce TENSION by impacting hormones

Know the facts about improving TENSION reduction hormones. food items that reduce tension
Know the facts about improving TENSION reduction hormones

We may face tension due to various reasons. It is because of an important meeting, or during exams or interviews. Sometimes, we may tense while watching crucial cricket match or looking at a horror movie.

There may be main reasons for getting excitement or tension or anxiety. While we are in excitement or tension, our body releases few hormones which will overcome the impacts with tension. On the other hand, the human body can increase these hormone generations so that we can reduce the tension.

Do you know what hormones are released during tension?

Our body releases some hormones during tension. These hormones help in giving strength and energy during tension.

Cortisol, Adrenaline, and Noradrenaline are the hormones released during tension. Here tension is caused due to sadness or angry or sudden shock.

At the  time of  bad experiences our  brain releases  these hormones into  the blood  stream and helps  us to  control the tension by  dilating the  blood vessels, increasing the pulse rate of  the heart and  by raising the blood pressure which helps in reducing the impact of tension on other organs of the body.

For Example: When a person gets angry with anyone, then the above hormones will be released. Then the person will express his anger by scolding. However, these hormones will help the body in such a way that the angry will not impact on other organs. If the brain doesn’t release these hormones during tension, the person may get paralysis or stroke.

This is how hormones help us to fight against the tension situation.

Know the ‘Feel Good Hormones’ that relieves from tension

Apart from the above hormones, our brain releases some other hormones during happiness. They are Serotonin, Endorphin, Dopamine, Phenylethylamine, and Ghrelin. These hormones are called Feel Good Hormones. These hormones play a significant role in reducing tension and make us happy.

For Example: When a person attends an interview, or a person performs on stage, or a person delivers a speech on stage, he/she may get tension. However, we can try to reduce the tension by increasing some hormones through the brain.

HOW CAN WE GET THESE HORMONES? Here are few steps and food items that reduce TENSION by impacting hormones

A.      Serotonin (Releases during general happiness when we listen to good news, music, etc.)

  • Serotonin is happiness hormone.
  • It regulates our moods and keeps us happy.
  • It also prevents depression and anxiety.
  • Getting exposed to sunlight or by eating foods rich in carbohydrates and doing exercising can increase Serotonin.

B.   Endorphin (Releases when a person tries to reduce anxiety)

  • This hormone makes you feel good and reduces anxiety when you win a game or gets promotion in job etc.
  • Over anxiety creates tension. By doing exercise, the brain releases this hormone.

C.      Dopamine(Releases when a person tries for mental fitness)

  • Helps us with mental alertness and clarity
  • The lack of this hormone can cause negative thinking, lack of focus and decreased concentration which also leads to depression
  • Eating protein rich food increases Dopamine

D.   Phenylethylamine (Releases when a person tries to reduce tension during stage performance, interview, etc.)

  • It is also called as feel good hormone.
  • Eating DARK CHOCOLATES helps to release this hormone
  • Eating enough fat increases feel good hormone
  • Chocolates made with Phenylethylamine are already available in the market. These chocolates are known as Love Drugs in few countries.

E.  Ghrelin(Releases during hungry)

  • It is released when we are hungry.
  • This hormone will not be released if you eat too much food which is not good.
  • Just eat according to your body’s need and never fill your stomach completely to maintain proper  GHRELIN  levels.