15 qualities we may not have, but we expect from others
15 Qualities we may not have but we expect from others.
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Here are the 15 qualities we may not have, but we expect from others.

1. Truthfulness: No lies only truth

I am not Satya Harishchandra to speak the truth all the time. But I hope my family, friends and colleagues to tell me the truth all time.

2. Honesty: I am not, but you should be with me

I expect our politicians to be honest. I expect my neighbors, friends, subordinates, etc. to be frank. I know I am not 100% correct. But I expect government and public servants to be honest and corrupt free. But often I encourage them to take bribe even for my rights like getting driving license, passport, Aadhaar, voter id, gas connection, getting approval for building constructions, etc.

3. Politeness: Don’t hurt me, but I am not bothered about you.

I expect everyone to be polite to me. I even expect public servants including police, my managers, govt officials, etc. to be polite with me. But I am harsh with maids, servants, subordinates, daily labour, strangers, small vendors, etc. Intentionally or unintentionally most of the time I hurt someone every other day

4. Pity: Who are you to expect help from me?

I don’t show any sympathy for strangers when they need help, but I expect from them especially when I am in some trouble.

5. Loyalty: I was not loyal to my employer, but now I expect my employees to be loyal to my company

I used to change multiple companies for job hikes. I look for comfort, benefits and more money with every new opportunity. But now I have my company, and now I expect my employees to be loyal to my business and me!!

6. Queue: I don’t follow Queue, but I say Queue please!

Most of the time I don’t like to stand in Queue. I even break the line when I get an opportunity to do so, especially if I get a recommendation at government offices, temples, etc. But I will get angry if someone breaks the queue and crosses me

7. Traffic rules:  Please follow traffic rules, I am in a hurry let me skip this time!

I expect the public to follow the rules and regulations. But I will break them whenever I have an opportunity. I don’t expect vehicles to jump traffic signals when I am crossing the road. I want pedestrians to walk on the footpath when I am driving on the road. But most of the times I will try to jump signals when I am in a hurry. At the same time, I prefer to walk on the road as I feel comfortable on the road.

8. Arguments: Don’t argue with me. I know everything.

Most of the time I argue with my friends, family and colleagues on various topics even though I don’t have any idea on the subject. But I don’t like others to argue with me when I have basic knowledge on the issue.

9. Patience: No more questions

I lose my patience now and then in many incidents, especially if someone asks me more questions. But I don’t expect people to lose their patience when I ask them a lot of questions.

10. Social issues: I speak about social issues, but I expect people to follow it

I discuss a lot about corruption, poverty, safety and security of people, etc. with my friends and colleagues. But my contribution to resolving these social issues is less or nothing. But I expect others to be responsible and address the social issues.

11. Environment issues: I don’t contribute to resolving environmental problems, but I don’t like you to skip

I  don’t even turn off vehicle engine at traffic signals. I don’t even put off the lights and fans when I don’t use them. I need polythene carry bags at shopping malls. I don’t even know how to do rainwater harvesting. But, I expect my colleagues neighbors and friends to be environment-friendly.

12: Commenting: I don’t like you to comment on my favourite hero in front of me

I don’t like people to comment on my favourite actor, politician and others whom I like most in front of me. But, I don’t mind to comment on some other actor or politician in front of others whom they like most.

13: Cleanness: Please keep public places clean for me but I can’t clean my surroundings

I don’t clean my surroundings. Instead, I will throw waste on the road and other public places. But, I don’t expect people to throw garbage near my home

14: Donations: I don’t donate due to various reasons, but why don’t you donate as you are earning more

It is tough for me to give 500 rupees to charity. But I expect politicians, celebrities, sports persons, business persons, etc. to give millions of rupees as they are earning more.

15. Perfect: I don’t do things perfectly, but I want you to do the  work perfectly

I don’t do my job perfectly, but I expect others to do my job perfectly.

What do you say?

Disclaimer: This article (“15 things we may not follow, but we expect others to follow”) is based on my real life experiences with various people with different behaviors and it is not intentionally targeted anyone.